Costs Imagemovie

” Well, generally there is no such answer”

Sure you don’t  appreciate such vague answers. Therefore the cost and expense structure will be shown here a little closer :

The following steps are necessary for a successful film :

1. Preparation:

– Formulation of the purpose and content of the image film. Depending on the product a guided tour is necessary.

– Formulation of the script : the order of the film sequences , description of the locations , length of the movie , etc.

Costs about € 200.– -500.–  depending on how well the customer is already prepared for this project.

2. Creating a Movie

A day of shooting will be charged 800.– € . Half days cost 500.– € .

In addition, expenses for travel and for multi-day shoot will be charged the accommodation and meals.

3. Post-processing : cutting, editing, postproduction

– from € 800.–

A 2-3 minute promotional film would cost therefore from € 1,500.–

Depending on the additional service to this target price increased for:

– Setting a desired track

– Professional speaker for a Dokumentation of the product

– Actor who introduces the product