about us

Guy-Claude Sthioul, born 1958 in Basel   

Sthioulmedia, Imagefilm

Master of Science in Business and Economics (MSc) with a major in marketing, a number of teaching positions in industry and in the public schools and projects in human resources and computer science in the pharmaceutical industry.

Since 2010 I have been working mainly with creating videos using my experiences and skills from my consulting work in the industry and the technical know-how of computer science activities. Since the video cameras have appeared on the market, I was attracted of filming. I was filming mostly private events and was fascinated by the combination of craftsmanship, creativity and technology. My professional computer skills helped me to overcome the technical hurdles.

When I’m filming my main concernis to capture the essence, the vitality of the individual or group. The video represents living information which is not already on the website. A picture is worth a thousand words – 25 frames per second – says much more than colorful designed websites and tables. A big part of my work is to make the actors look their best and to create and support their story. Here I make use of elements from the coaching and the solution-focused approach.

For techno freaks: I film mainly with Sony cameras in full HD (EX1R, SR-12, Action cameras) and cut on various Mac’s with FinalCutProX.

Sunahla Nicola Sthioul, born 1965 in Baden bei Zürich

Sthioulmedia, Imagefilm

As daughter of two photographers the photograph was familiar to me early on. At the School of  Arts and Crafts in Zurich, I  learned the processing of a photograph.

After the birth of my first child, I was drawn more then in the field of psychology. After many years of training as a therapist, I worked in private practice in the area of ​​physical and psychotherapy.

As my husband started to make commercial videos, I am coming in touch with this medium again.

The camera work, conducting an interview, the creativity in the implementation of a project as well as the accompaniment and support of our customers in the development of a film gives me great pleasure.