A video has such a strong appeal in many places:

Sites, Stores, video portals, public places, public transport, waiting areas.

Advantages: See examples See: More attention, targeted effect, versatility, authentic presentation of a corporate image or a personality, connecting information and emotions, versatility.

Corporate video:

The image film takes in the company Menss-Kommunikatin an increasingly important role. While previously only video cassettes and later DVDs for distribution of image films were available, currently the possibilities explode to the Internet. The image film at any time on a mobile player (laptop, Ipad, Iphone) are shown in the best quality. With these applications, the production of an image film is much more meaningful than a few years ago. The image film is to be used:

Websites, video portals, online job boards (Application-Video), Shows, DVD’s, USB drives, video sent as email attachments.

The focus will demonstrate the company’s core business. People from the company should have their say.

Image Short Film (60 to 360 seconds)

Offer different packages for: candidates, entrepreneurs, hotels. The focus of this film is the essence, represent the essence of the person or company to performing. It may, depending on the industry, sometimes unusual and humorous.

Included are services, such as: standard approach, rotary preparation, one hour of shooting on location (including a brief interview), editing, color correction, data DVD in 3 different quality standards (low to HD). Optional: music, more complex shots, longer videos (see prices)

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, then what say 24 frames / sec? The moving images on the Internet is the future. With a successful video within seconds, the essence of a company, a product or service is presented. We create video presentations in conjunction with image-guidance for individuals, small and medium enterprises as well as for specific occupational groups (artists, job seekers, applicants for projects). Main products / core service

Creating video presentations, consulting, assistance with script, shooting on location, editing, distribution on the Internet or as a promotional gift (USB flash drive, DVD …)


Video animation on web pages (inclusion of an interactive video)

Special effects in the film industry: Green box studio recordings (Steadycam and model helicopter shots, action shots, 3-D images in preparation)

Support and advice on: How do I present myself in front of a camera.